Javorca, a place of European memory.

High above the riverbed of the Tolminka River you can find a wooden shrine – the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. It is dedicated to the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders of the Tolmin battlefield on the Isonzo front (1915–1917).

Opening Times

4. September—1. October

every day

10.00—17.00 • In case of very bad weather closed

Whole schedule


Javorca, a site of European memory, remains the bearer of the European Heritage Label.

The European Commission has published a report by the evaluation group of independent experts, which have carried out the evaluation of projects bidding to acquire the European Heritage Label.



At the traffic-light intersection in the
centre of Tolmin, start following the signs for Javorca.

Just behind the village of Zatolmin, you arrive to a 7-km-long narrow gravel road (approx. 20 min drive) with numerous passing places which is only appropriate for personal vehicles.

When you reach the parking lot under Javorca, continue on foot for approximately 15-20 min along the concrete path.

A special traffic regime applies in summer.